How do I set up my Sapira?

“Unboxing” a Sapira Mattress is an amazing experience.  Inside the box, there’s a luxury mattress literally ready to burst.  Follow these 4 easy steps and enjoy. (Tip: video the unboxing so you can share it with your friends later – it’s that much fun.)

Step 1: Preparation

Carry the box to your bed, lay it on it’s side, remove the mattress and place it on the solid base.
(see “What bed or foundation works best with the Sapira mattress?”)

Step 2: Unrolling

Remove the outer plastic, unroll and unfold the mattress and place it into position (“patterns of life” stripes at the foot of your bed).  Try not to pierce the inner plastic.  It is not a problem, it just spoils the fun.

Step 3: Releasing

You will find excess plastic on one side of the mattress. Carefully cut the plastic on this edge taking care not to catch the mattress cover.  Hear the air rush in and the springs pop into place as the mattress takes shape.

Sep 4: Enjoy

You won’t be able to resist giving your Sapira mattress a quick test run.  The top surface may feel soft at first but soon the memory foam will kick in and relieve the pressure on your body.  The pocket springs will allow the entire mattress to contour to your body.

Jumping is allowed and hard to avoid.

In a minute your mattress will feel great, later it will feel amazing.


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